Into Deep Space: AeroAstro @ KSP

Published Nov 30, 2013 in Gaming

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I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program for a while now, and in different saves and using different mods I’ve pretty much been to every planet out there and back. However seeing how many hours I’ve spent playing this game, what I have in hand at this moment is very little - therefore I decided to make a complete roadmap for what I want to do in Kerbal Space Program and then I’ll simply stick to it and update it when necessary.

Starting now, I’m going to write this series called “AeroAstro” in which I will publish my achievements in Kerbal Space Program with my fictional space program of the same name. You can find my initial objectives as well as my mod list below:

AeroAstro Primary Objectives

The primary objectives of the AeroAstro program are aimed to set up a Kethane mining & transfer network which will help fuel future spacecraft that are headed for the other planets of the solar system.

  • Design & Test Orbital Crew & Cargo Vehicle
  • Design Light, Heavy and Super-Heavy Launch Vehicles
  • Design & Assemble Kethane Capable Kerbin Space Station
  • Design & Launch Kethane Mapping Satellites to the orbits of Kerbin and its moons
  • Design & Install Permanent Kerbal Settlements (Bases!) on Mun and Minmus at Equatorial Kethane Reserves
  • Design, Launch & Land Kethane Miners for Mun & Minmus
  • Design, Launch & Operate Kethane Cargo Vehicles to carry Kethane from the moons to Kerbin Stations

AeroAstro Modification List

I’m only making a list of mods I’m using at this moment - I’m probably going to end up adding a few more in order to create a few more objectives to achieve.

  • MechJeb
  • Deadly Reentry
  • Bobcat’s Soviet Pack
  • Kethane
  • Kerbal Joint Reinforcement
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock

Summing it up, I’m going to be spending some more time working on this project. For this first time I’m sticking to sandbox mode, however I’ll be back soon with a new program with Career mode, a modified tech tree, and of course, realism mods like ECLSS. Stay tuned!