I was born on April 1st, 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey; to a family of professors, thanks to whom I grew up to be an individual with respect to different opinions and beliefs. I consider myself a a liberal – I think civil rights are what keep together a working society.

Having been involved with Model United Nations since as early as grade 6, I’ve been in various positions including the Secretary General of itujmun ’10 and ’11. I’ve been the president of the French MUN club in my current school, Uskudar American Academy, for two years.

During my trip to The Hague for THIMUN in 2013, I was introduced to Online Model United Nations – an innovative movement which acts as a bridge between the youths of different cultures. Today I serve as Deputy Secretary General for Technology and Development in this organization.

I am a tech enthusiast with considerable experience in several programming languages including Java, Actionscript, PHP and Lua. I support open source and free software. I’ve been experimenting on various platforms such as the Raspberry Pi and the Pandaboard. I enjoy making proof-of-concept software. I’ve developed a variety of open-source software which can be accessed on my GitHub account.

I’m also a dedicated gamer – I frequently play numerous games on the PC and the PlayStation 3. I’m available on Steam and PSN if you want a challenge on any game I have ;)

I also have a particular interest in astrophysics and aerospace – I hope to pursue a career which involves both. I think the future of mankind involves space and exploration greatly. I not only believe expanding our knowledge of the universe is part of the nature of our existence, but also think of expanding our habitat into space as the ultimate way of overcoming the Malthusian Limit.

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Keep on rockin’ in the free world.
Neil Young