I’m a third-year Undergraduate Student majoring in Computer Science at the Georgia Institute of Technology, originally from Istanbul, Turkey.

I work as an undergraduate researcher, advised by Prof. Dana Randall, on stochastic algorithms for self-organizing particle systems, an abstraction of programmable matter. My work includes creating and simulating distributed algorithms based on Markov chains, as well as proving properties of these algorithms. Be sure to visit my Research Page for more information about our work and publications. My undergraduate thesis will be available here Fall 2018.

I am also Senior TA for CS 2110, Computer Organization and Programming, under Dan Forsyth. Since Fall 2017 I have been working as part of this team that teaches labs & recitations, prepares exams and quizzes and produces homework assignments. I was promoted to Senior TA for Fall 2018, and put in charge of planning & supervising course materials and assessments. More about my teaching work is available on my Teaching Page.

Finally, I am a collaborator on zucchini, an open-source autograder framework for use in programming courses, and I am the author of a number of open-source projects such as particles, our research project simulator; Coban, a Turkish TV show aggregator; as well as a host of Minecraft and MTA plugins and other works. You can find more about these in my Portfolio.

Details about my research adventures as well as other ramblings about technology can be found in my blog, with the most recent articles available at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for visiting! Feel free to contact me on Twitter or LinkedIn for any questions or comments.