So, it’s been two days since I cancelled my Spotify Premium subscription in order to try out Apple Music. There were actually two main reasons why I felt like making the switch: I would be able to use Family Sharing to use Apple Music for myself, mom and dad for just 15₺, and I would… Read More

I’ve been playing Kerbal Space Program for a while now, and in different saves and using different mods I’ve pretty much been to every planet out there and back. However seeing how many hours I’ve spent playing this game, what I have in hand at this moment is very little – therefore I decided to… Read More

Good evening,I’m back with the first ever informative blog post!So recently I had rewritten this vehicles script for our Multi Theft Auto server WhySoSerious:RPG. The script was a static vehicles script that read data off of a MySQL Table. What the new version did was it would assign a unique license plate to each newly… Read More