Compiling C for the LC-3

Being able to run the C language on the LC-3 architecture is a good example of the advantages of higher-level languages like C compared to assembly. This is an important learning outcome for CS2110 and thus we explore the compilation of C code for the LC3 architecture and the difficulty difference in implementing similar programs in both languages.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Not Trade Spotify For Apple Music

So, it's been two days since I cancelled my Spotify Premium subscription in order to try out Apple Music. There were actually two main reasons why I felt like making the switch: I would be able to use Family Sharing to use Apple Music for myself, mom and dad for just 15₺, and I would also be able to listen to my music from the music app on my iPhone and iPad, and on iTunes on my Mac - all native applications that I would imagine would work really well.

Random & Unique String Generation Using MySQL

So recently I had rewritten this vehicles script for our Multi Theft Auto server WhySoSerious:RPG. The script was a static vehicles script that read data off of a MySQL Table. What the new version did was it would assign a unique license plate to each newly generated vehicle. However, the problem with this script was that it used Lua to generate the strings and query the vehicles' MySQL table one by one for each generated string, which lagged the server and increased the required number of queries we needed to do before INSERTing the new vehicle into the database.


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